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Dear Lebron Haters

I have some really bad news. The king has a ring. The only thing left to hate on is his receding hairline. And that is obviously something worth hating. He has his ring. He has learned what to do in clutch games. And you know what sucks the most for you guys? Lebron James is still only 27 years old. He is entering his 10th season, but he is still only 27. Yikes. MJ was 27 when he won his first ring. You better find some other superstar athlete to hate on sometime soon because all of your comments about Lebron are becoming more and more irrelevant by the day. I think Russell Westbrook might be available. Just ask Skip Bayless.


But I realize that, for one reason or another, some people will always hate Lebron. Heck, he was number four on the list of most disliked athletes this year. Which, of course, makes total and complete sense. I mean who doesn’t hate a superstar player who took less money to have a chance to be successful? Especially someone like Lebron who does charity events and sets up foundations to help underprivileged kids graduate high school. Now there is a man you want to hate. I would never want my kids growing up and giving back like Lebron. He was voted as more disliked than Kobe Bryant, who quite publicly cheated on his wife. Really? But hey, everyone knows that was the #8 Kobe who did that. #24 Kobe would never do such a thing! And what about Dwight Howard? He got his coach and GM fired and he still wants to be traded. Yeah, what Lebron did by switching teams to have a better chance to win is just awful.

It is time to swallow your pride and recognize how great Lebron really is. With this championship, he has validated his place as one of the top NBA players of all-time.

It is time for everyone to stop hating on Lebron. And I mean everyone. Let’s go through a list.

To the Lebron haters from Cleveland – let me be clear…I understand he left you guys with basically no team. And The Decision was not the best way to do it. But come on, ownership did NOTHING to get Lebron help. Wally Szczerbiak, Mo Williams, an old, injured Shaq? Please. At one point, all they had to do was trade JJ Hickson for Amare Stoudemire, but the Cavs did not want to get rid of Hickson. Think about that for a second. That is embarrassing. I guarantee you that Lebron would have stayed in Cleveland if that trade went down. I would have taken my talents to South Beach right after that atrocity. 7 years in Cleveland and the next best player was Mo Williams or Big Z.  So you want to hate on him for leaving? Be upset at the way he left, but do not be upset that he left. Oh, and by the way, he is not from Cleveland. He is from Akron. That’s not the same place.

To the Lebron haters that go to (my school) Ohio State – I assume that many of you are Cavs fans. But for those of you who are not, let me put something in perspective. Urban Meyer is our head football coach right now. He “retired” from Florida once the team started going downhill, and now he is up here. I am from Florida and let me tell you, people complain just as much about Urban leaving as they do Lebron in Ohio.

I read a tweet from @buckeye_nation (an account that supports OSU) that said “The #Heat represent everything that is wrong with pro sports.” I’m sorry, but what have they done different than the Celtics? It is time to stop. Also, do OSU fans realize that Lebron sponsors the (reigning Final Four) basketball team? Yeah, he is actually supporting our school. It makes absolutely no sense to hate him.


To the haters who say Lebron is not “clutch” – Dwyane Wade played the entire NBA playoffs with a bad knee. You could tell in the first round. He was effective, but not explosive. Lebron led this team. He put the team on his back. There is no denying this fact. Let me just throw out some stats for you haters:

  • The Heat were 9-0 following a loss in the playoffs
  • In 2 elimination games against Boston, Lebron averaged 38 ppg, 13.5 rpg while shooting 60%
  • Down 1-2 to IND, he put up 40-18-9 to tie the series
  • Down 2-3 to Boston, he put up 45-15-5 to tie the series

Did Lebron make any game-winning shots? No. That is not really his version of clutch. If you have watched him as long as I have, you will know that Lebron always thinks there is a better shot for someone else on the court, even if the best shot is with him shooting it. But he made some huge shots down the stretch, including in games 2 and 4 of the Finals. I’m not sure that he will ever be comfortable with a last-second shot, but he certainly is comfortable in series swinging games. And, if you ask me, that is more clutch than making one shot at the end of the game. He continued to put his team in position to win every game.

To those of you who hate Lebron for joining forces in Miami – the man did what was best for him. There is no doubt there. Where was the hate when Ray Allen and KG joined Paul Pierce in Boston? Granted neither of them was of the superstar caliber that Lebron is, but still. Also, look what Bosh has turned out to be. There is no doubt that he is absolutely essential to the team, but he is not putting up any numbers close to those of Toronto. He is a great player, but no superstar. It isn’t even unfair for him to be on the Heat like many people said in the beginning. Just look at the last two postseasons and how close they came to elimination.

I imagine that people in this category also say things like “MJ never would’ve joined Larry or Magic.” Does it occur to you that Lebron is not MJ? They are not the same person. No one will be better than MJ. It is just not possible. Plus, I would say MJ had some pieces to work with, such as Pippin, Rodman, Kerr, etc. Who did Lebron have? Larry Hughes? Sasha Pavlovic? Don’t even get me started on this again.


To the haters who are “fans” of the NBA – if you do not follow a specific team or player, how do you hate the Miami Heat and Lebron James? This team is the best thing that has happened to the league in the last decade. Perhaps not competition wise since the league has become increasingly top-heavy, but the Heat bring so much positive attention to the league that cannot be denied. Also in this category, I would like to acknowledge those “fans” who miraculously change alliances depending on who the Heat are playing. Congratulations to you. It was so much fun to watch all of the Piston, Magic, Pacer, Celtics, and Thunder “fans” appear and then disappear over the years.

I feel this is the best place to address those of you who are fans of specific teams. Go ahead and dislike Lebron all you want. I understand that. You dislike competition. It is still important to recognize what he has accomplished. There is no reason to hate on him. Personally, I dislike Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo because of their attitudes during the game. They are as talented as anyone and I respect that, but the play and act like punks. Still, I would love to have them on my team.

To the haters who think the officials wanted Miami to win – the officiating throughout the entire postseason was extremely suspect in each and every game. Fouls were called with absolutely no contact and flopping was all over the place. But let me ask you a question…if the referees are calling it, why wouldn’t Lebron take advantage? Every NBA player does this. But you only notice when Lebron does it. What about James Harden or Manu Ginobli? Nope. It is Lebron and only Lebron. Stop being blinded by your own denial. Also, I don’t think referees help a team make 3’s. So how do you explain game 5? ….That’s what I thought.

Why did I feel the need to write this? Because, no matter what Lebron does, he will never do enough for you. I have had to listen to you people rant for 9 years. “Lebron can’t do this, Lebron can’t do that. KD should have been the MVP this year, Derrick Rose is the best player in the league, the Heat will get swept, etc.” Well guess what? None of those statements turned out to be true. And I know it hurts you so bad. You have been reduced to individuals who hate on a man for taking less money to have a better chance to win. Enjoy that title.

I’ll wrap up by saying this: watch out. Lebron figured out how he is the most effective. The hardest championship is the first. You better hope I am wrong about this, but I predict he will finish with 4 rings. In the meantime, you will continue to critique him. You will hate on his bike, lifestyle, fake glasses, or his phone that now ‘only rings once’. But do you know what the top comment is so far from you haters? 

He only has one ring.

But he is better than you will EVER be.

Enjoy the reign of King James, haters. 



Weekend Sports Buzz - 2/12

I told myself I would wait until after the Grammys to put this up, but I just witnessed Nicki Minaj do who-knows-what and figured it was safe to return to sports. What is important to one person in sports may not be important to another. So here is a brief rundown of what I found the most important in my world of sports this weekend.

College Basketball

Seeing as how I attend Ohio State, the biggest story for me this weekend was our first home loss in a remarkable 39 games. Unfortunately it came against Michigan State, whom we hate. A lot went in to this loss, but let’s keep it simple with a few stats that may surprise you as much as they surprised me.

  • The Buckeyes had more free throw makes than we had field goal makes
  • Jared Sullinger had 10 turnovers
  • The Buckeyes shot an abismal 26.4 percent, their worst shooting performance at home over the last 15 seasons
  • William Buford, the teams leading scorer, was 2-12 with 4 points

I am a die hard Buckeye fan. I love my team. I think we are putting too much pressure on Sullinger right now. It seemed that we ran about 80 percent of our offensive sets through him, which is way too much when we are having an off game. But hey, give credit to Michigan State. They had a good game plan and they executed well.

In other news, Kentucky seems like the team to beat. Anthony Davis is a beast and continues to make a strong case for player of the year.

I can’t seem to figure out what Florida is doing with their team. They have talent, but they have dropped two straight games, the most recent being to an unranked and underachieving Tennessee team.

Duke is on a roll with “Sub-Zero” Austin Rivers seeming to find his comfort zone. If you missed it, he made a pretty big shot earlier in the week against North Carolina.

That team up north (m!chig@n) is still unbeaten at home. I look forward to watching my Buckeyes whoop up on them this upcoming week.


If you didn’t catch the final round of today’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, you missed Phil Mickelson put on quite a show. But while Phil winning is always a huge story, perhaps the bigger story today was Tiger Woods crumbling. He entered the day tied for third, but it would all be downhill from there. Woods and Mickelson were paired together and Phil outplayed Tiger by a whopping 11 strokes. That is a huge margin in golf.

So the question that comes up - has Tiger Woods lost the ability to close out tournaments?

Before the infamous scandal of 2009-2010, Tiger was immortal on Sundays. We all expected that he would sieze victory if he was anywhere within striking distance during the final round.

But those expectations have seemingly dwindled into nothing more than a faint hope. A hope that one day the old Tiger will be back, but I am not sure we will ever see him again.

There is no doubt that he still has the skill. Just watch some of his shots from the tournament this past weekend. What he has lost is the mental toughness. And if he cannot regain his confidence and ability to close out tournaments, I am not sure how much more winning we will see from this sports icon.

Tiger finished the tournament at -8, which was tied for 15th place.


Did you get a chance to catch any NBA this weekend? Let me catch you up.

The Heat are on a roll and the demolished the Hawks today 107-87. Don’t expect them to slow down any time soon.

Jeremy Lin and the Knicks are still “Linning”, which makes it 5 in a row.

MVP Derrick Rose has a bad back and is apparently seeing a specialist about it. Not good news for the Bulls. Or, for that matter, the NBA. But the Bulls still have the best record in the league.

Kobe hit a game-winner today against the Raptors, but the Clippers are 2nd in the west. Hmm…are we sure the Lakers still run LA?

The regular season is, believe it or not, more than halfway over. Playoff races will start to get tight. I expect the Heat and the Thunder to take the 1 seeds. I predicted these two teams would meet in the Finals this year after last years season ended. I am sticking to that.

What was the highlight of your sports weekend? Comment and let me know!

Thank you for reading and God bless.

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Jeremy Lin is Here to Stay

Linsanity. Yellow Mamba. Super Lintendo. All he does is Lin. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jeremy Lin.

The Knicks just won their 5th straight game without their two superstars Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. There is another superstar who has been leading the Knicks this last week. 

By now I will assume that most of you, unlike Kobe Bryant, have heard of Jeremy Lin’s background and success. But if not, here is a brief recap.

Jeremy Lin is not your every day NBA player. He is American and he was born in Palo Alto, California, but he is of Asian decent, which makes him quite unique. There have been very few players of Asian decent to ever play in the NBA.

But his ethnicity is only part of what makes him unique. Lin attended Harvard University, but he didn’t even receive a scholarship. Nevertheless, Lin dominated the Ivy League and put up impressive numbers. But despite his success, he was not drafted after college.

"I’m not saying top-5 state automatically gets you offers, but I do think (my ethnicity) did affect the way coached recruited me," said Lin. "I think if I were a different race, I would’ve been treated differently."

What Lin has done in this recent run with the New York Knicks is nothing short of amazing. In the last 5 games (where the Knicks are 5-0) Lin is averaging 26.8 points and 8 assists while shooting better than 50 percent. Did I mention that he dropped a career high 38 points on Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers?

By now the biggest question going around is “can he keep this up?”

Let me give you some Jeremy Lin statistics.

  • He has more points in his first 4 starts since the ABA-NBA merger (1976-77) than any player in NBA history - passing Allen Iverson
  • Lin became the first player with 20+ points and 8+ assists in his first two career starts since two time league MVP Lebron James 

Jeremy Lin is here to stay.

I am all about this kid. Heck, I am already planning on getting a Jeremy Lin jersey and I don’t even support the Knicks. It is hard not to root for Lin to have success. Lin, like Yao Ming, represents more than just a city or state. Lin represents an entire continent. He also knows how to play the game. He is a smart player. He knows when to take the shot and when to pass it, something many point guards struggle with. His skills are legit. Just ask Derek Fisher.

I also like the fact that Lin is inspired by Tim Tebow. I can (and probably will) write a totally different post comparing and contrasting the two, but I think everyone can agree that these two players are considered extreme underdogs in their respective sports. 

But the best part about Lin, much like Tebow, is his attitude and approach to the game. He is extremely humble and never willing to take all of the credit himself. I also admire how fearless he is. Skip Bayless often talks about athletes with the “clutch gene”, or lack-there-of. Well I can tell you that Lin has a big clutch gene. He is not afraid of the moment. And there is no bigger spotlight than the one in New York City. Perhaps he is, ahem, Linvincible. 

But honestly what surprises me the most is how long it has taken someone to notice Jeremy Lin and give him a chance. I am an NBA fanatic and I watched Jeremy Lin take on John Wall in a summer league game a couple years ago. He was terrific against Wall. He had a couple really nice summer league games, but then I didn’t hear much about him again. That is until last week. 

Now we cannot get enough of Jeremy Lin. His twitter followers have skyrocketed and he seems to have been leading SportsCenter every day for the last week. We want more of the “yellow mamba”, which seems to be quite the acceptable moniker after upstaging Kobe at MSG on Friday night.

I think that we will be seeing a lot more of Super Lintendo. I only hope that the Carmelo and Amare don’t mess up what is happening in New York. I feel bad for Coach D’Antoni because he wants to ride the Lin train as long as he can, but he will be pressured to give Amare and Carmelo their touches when they return. I just hope that it works out for Jeremy. 

Because all he does is Lin.

Do think Lin can keep it up? Do you think he is a fluke? Let me know!

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Lebron James - American Sports Icon?

What is an American sports icon? Who is an American sports icon? Everyone has a different answer to this question. Names like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods are probably the first to come to mind. But who can be considered an American icon in the world of sports today?

Time has passed since the days of MJ. He was a polarizing figure not only because of his skills, but because of his rebellious attitude. He dared to redefine the game of basketball. He is considered one of, if not the greatest athlete of all-time. But it was not his skills that made him an icon. It was the way he went about his NBA career.

The American audience has waited not so patiently for the “next Michael Jordan”. They (we) desperately searched for someone to fill the void His Airness left when he retired. Players like Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, and Vince Carter all had potential, but they never lived up to the hype. But then, in 2002, Sports Illustrated found the athlete. And they dubbed him “The Chosen One”.

Enter Lebron James.

Lebron captured the attention of sports fans everywhere when he was only 17 years old. He appeared on the cover of the most popular sports magazine in the entire world. His high school games were televised nationally on ESPN. And, for the most part, he handled all of the attention well.

I’ve been recently thinking about how sports icons come to be. Is it because of their freak athleticism? Is it because of their success on the field or their impact off of it? A lot of things go into becoming an icon.

But I have an interesting theory on Lebron James. I do believe he is an icon. But I don’t think it is because he set out to become one. We have made him one whether we like it or not.

In this “digital age” athletes can put out videos of themselves any time and anywhere. YouTube is an essential medium for players and coaches all over the world. However, this was not very common in 2002. But someone somewhere decided that Lebron James was so captivating that the world needed to see what he had to offer in high school. He became an internet sensation. America could not get enough of 17-year-old Lebron James.

For all of his adult life, Lebron James has lived under a microscope. ESPN sent cameras to follow him around his high school. They sat in his infamous Hummer with him and they went to shoot-a-round with him. Had this ever been done with another high school athlete? Had one single athlete ever had this much national attention? The answer would be no.

So what happened after that? The national media had created, for lack of a better word, a monster. Not in the sense of something destructive, but in the sense of something fascinating. Something we could not get enough of. ESPN had documented every step of this young man’s life. They built him up. Why would they stop now?

  • Lebron gets drafted - leading story on SportsCenter
  • Lebron wins NBA Rookie of the Year - leading story on SportsCenter
  • Lebron builds a new house - leading story on SportsCenter

…. and on and on and on …..

But why is he so captivating? Why does he always lead SportsCenter? Because, like it or not, we created an atmosphere where we need to be connected to Lebron. He is the kid that has grown up in front the American public. We built him up to be the hero. To be the “Chosen One”.

But what if that isn’t the real Lebron James? What if we are trying to make him into something that he is not? Or what if we already have?

Lebron was considered one of the most-liked professional athletes from 2003-2010. He spent 7 years on top of the basketball world, both skill wise and popularity wise. But then came a decision.

The Decision.

And who put on the decision? ESPN. Why did they put on the decision? Because they had conditioned people into watching Lebron James. And Lebron had been conditioned into thinking people would watch him no matter what. And he was right. Why would he change now? He has made every decision in the public eye up until this point. And people loved it.

What he didn’t take in to consideration is the reciprocation of his decision. He had been adored by his hometown Cleveland and Akron fans for 7 years. All he knew was love. All he knew was support no matter what. He had yet to deliver a championship to a championship starved city, but the people of Cleveland still loved him and still had hope.

But The Decision changed that.

In fact, The Decision changed everything. Since that summer night, the majority of America has resented Lebron James. He has been in the top 2 of the most disliked athletes for the past 2 years. All because of The Decision.

"It’s not that he left, it’s how he left."

I hear this all the time. I don’t think Cleveland fans really mean this, but what do you expect? Why would he leave any other way? WE have proven time and time again that we are absolutely enthralled with Lebron James and the decisions he makes. So why not make it into a television spectacle?

Now Lebron’s image is damaged. What should he do?

He is now known for coming up small in the biggest moments. And America desperately wants to be over Lebron. He still gives us incredible highlights. He is still the most dominant basketball player on the planet. But the general population wants him to fail. And fail miserably.

So why is he an icon? Because we made him into an icon. We constructed Lebron. We still construct Lebron. While he remains disliked, he tries to do and say the right things, whereas when he was in Cleveland he wouldn’t have cared.

Will America ever be head-over-heels in love with Lebron again? Probably not. It seems as if his window has closed. He joined forces with two other NBA Superstars. He lost his chance to become the next Michael Jordan. But admit it, you still want to see what happens with Lebron. We all do. Most of us want to see him fail. So we will watch. But some of us want to see him succeed, so we will watch as well.

We will all watch Lebron. And we will always watch Lebron. He has commanded attention unlike any other athlete in recent memory. And, whether we like it or not, he always will.

Let me know what you think! I want to hear from you.

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Let’s Get This Going

I’m definitely going to start posting on here again. Sorry for the huge delay.

So with that being said…what have I missed?



What is wrong with the Ohio State football program?

Forget my weekly game recap. If you follow Ohio State, you will know that we could barely do anything on the field. We should have been shut out because of the way we played. Our offense barely eclipsed 100 total yards. But it is time to take a look at the bigger issue on hand: what is going wrong?

I must admit that I did not think Ohio State would be sitting with a 3-2 record preparing to face Nebraska. We have too much talent all around the field to be playing like this. Sure, a couple of our best players are STILL suspended (yeah, let’s get overpaid, they’ll never catch us), but we have the talent. It is just not coming together. I expected us to be 5-0 or 4-1 honestly, but here we are, sitting outside of the top 25 getting ready to enter the toughest part of our schedule. We will have to earn everything this year.

I think the first thing to do is revamp our offensive line. This is possibly the worst offensive line I have ever seen at Ohio State. They seem to never know their blocking assignments and don’t you dare audible at the line of scrimmage because they will freak out. This is just sad because we are Ohio State. We will be tougher than you up front. We are supposed to run the ball down your throat first and pass second. Unfortunately we are not close to doing either.

I know from a source firsthand that the offensive line is being told to only block for 2.5 seconds when Braxton Miller is the quarterback. Apparently that is enough time to get off a pass and, if the pass is not off by then, Braxton will be too scared to throw. These are the things that the coaches are telling our offensive line. First off, Braxton Miller is a true freshman quarterback. How is 2.5 seconds enough time for him to do anything?? Second, I don’t think he is scared to throw. I simply believe that, when he is being pressured, he trusts his legs more than he does his arm. How do we change that? We protect him in the pocket and give him a chance to throw the ball down field! 2.5 seconds is a joke.

I truly believe that if we can block the other team, we will be a much improved offense. But if we don’t have any time, Troy Smith could come back and look like a scrub. And this is just a side note, but remember the days with Troy Smith, Beanie, Ted Ginn, Gonzalez, Pittman, Laurinaitis, Jenkins…? I miss that. But even those offensive studs could not shine with the offensive line we have now.

Secondly, I believe Fickell does not have full control of this team. Ohio State fans would always complain that Tressel was too conservative. I was one of those fans every now and then. But Fickell is making Tressel look like Les Miles out there. It seems as if every run is just a Power-O right out of the I-formation. The craziest play I have seen all year is a wildcat with Jordan Hall as the quarterback. That play gained us a whopping 5 yards. I just think that Fickell does not trust Braxton as the quarterback. I believe that he would rather have Bauserman playing but, due to the cry for a change after the Miami game, Fickell was pressured to put in Braxton. And I think Braxton feels like he is on a short leash. He cannot play his game. Well heck, he can’t play his game anyways because no one will freaking block for him. But Fickell needs to just build the offense around Miller’s skill set. Personally I would bring out plays from the last 3 years with Terrelle Pryor. Don’t put Braxton in this drop-back offensive every time. Throw in some bootlegs and get him out into space. Run a couple quarterback draws (well, we need blocking for that). My point is that Fickell needs to start pulling some new stuff out of the bag and fast. If he doesn’t, the chants of “Ur-ban Me-yer” will only get louder and louder.

Since Posey and Herron have been suspended for yet another game, I thought it would be appropriate to throw this in here. Gene Smith made the following comment at his press conference on Tuesday.

"These failures are individual failures: failures of individual athletes, and as you know unfortunately a previous coach, and a booster. So it’s not a systemic failure of compliance. I’m optimistic and I’m confident that we will not have those charges."

Oh really, Gene Smith? So you are not taking any part in any of these violations? Of course not. You are one of the highest paid Athletic Director’s in all of college sports. Personally, I don’t buy this garbage for a second. I think that Gene Smith knew about all the original violations all along. And here is how I believe it went down:

  • Tressel and Smith are made aware that the NCAA has found out about unreported violations
  • They got together and debated about what to do and what would be the best move for the university
  • Tressel is a selfless man and he wants what is best for others. He told Smith that he would take the fall since the violations occurred on his football team.
  • Tressel is then forced to resign, which leads to Pryor leaving for the NFL.
  • Smith says to this day that he had no idea the violations occurred until Tressel reported them. He must not keep a very close eye on one of the most prestigious football organizations in the country.

That is just my theory. Enough with the bashing of Gene Smith. I just personally think that it is time for him to move on so the entire athletic program can have a fresh start with no more violations. I don’t know if it is just me, but I do not trust him.

But through all of this, I still love my Buckeyes. It just sucks to see them have to go through a season like this. But unfortunately they brought it upon themselves and now they have to deal with the consequences. The fans are not happy, but we will only get through this if we remain supportive. We can take some advice from Harvey Dent at a time like this: “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.”


Thanks for reading and go Buckeyes.

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Ohio State defeats Colorado 37-17

It was nice to finally be back in the Horseshoe with all of the students. From what I could tell, the students were glad to be there. And they were even happier that Braxton Miller got the start. I always love 3:30 games. I don’t know exactly why. Maybe it is because I like the possibility of the game finishing when it is dark outside. I just hope it doesn’t get blistering cold any time soon *knock on wood*. Well, whatever it is, I was much happier with this game than I was with the Miami game. For the most part. Let’s start with the offensive performance.

Braxton Miller looks for space

The good news about our offense - we are persistent about running the ball. The bad news about our offense - we are persistent about running the ball. I have no problem with running the football. We are Ohio State. We are going to attempt to run it down your throat and prove that our big guys up front are better and more physical than your big guys up front. But Fickell is extremely run happy. We ran the ball 47 times in one game. I just found this to be surprising since we were only averaging 4.8 yards per carry. Yes, I understand that 4.8 is not a disappointing number, but we were playing Colorado. We should have a higher average than that. But the rushing stat was not even the most surprising of the day. The Buckeyes only attempted 15 passes the entire game. I am pretty sure Andrew Luck has attempted 15 passes on one drive before. I mean Braxton should have had numbers around 60% completion, but a few dropped passes detracted from his final numbers. He finished 5/13 for 83 yards and 2 touchdowns. The efficiency is there. And I definitely saw the accuracy. He floated two beautifully thrown balls in the endzone for his two touchdowns. He is a freshman and he is currently learning on the fly. But this is how he will get better. And of course when he is in there, the defense has to respect his ability to scramble from the pocket. The only downside is that he looks like he is going to get knocked out of a game soon a la Mike Vick. I saw him take some shots last Saturday that had the whole stadium holding their breath. It is also important to talk about Jordan Hall here. His return has really helped the team add another weapon in not only the rushing game, but also the special teams. He had two huge kick returns in the game that really set the Buckeyes up in good field position.

Defensively I was satisfied. It was not anything special honestly. Colorado had more misreads than we had tight coverage. There were 7-10 times where Hansen (QB) had receivers coming across the field wide-open and he failed to recognize them. Either that or he did not let the receivers get to the top of their routes. The Buffaloes finished the game with 314 total yards, but realistically we can take off 50 because there were some cheap yards picked up near the end of the game. I have seen faster and more athletic Ohio State defenses in the past, but that makes this one unique. These guys are trying to work with a ton of youth while putting new legs in every other play. But they have to work more cohesively as unit to have a chance against the rest of the Big 10. I guess we will see what they are really made of this weekend against Michigan State.

Overall this was a good bounce back game. But every game from here on out will present some sort of test. Michigan State will be fired up to play us this week and I hope we can bring the same intensity. Kickoff is at 3:30 at Ohio Stadium. Keep in mind that this is the last game we have before the originally suspended players return. And I personally cannot wait to have Herron and Posey back in our offense. Thanks for reading and until next time, Go Buckeyes! OH…

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NFL Week 2 Predictions

Well after week 1 I finished with a decent record of 11-5. There is definitely some room for improvement this week. But hey, who saw the Bills blowing out the Chiefs and Redskins actually playing well? Definitely not me. That does not necessarily have me convinced in those teams (Rex Grossman can never convince me of anything), but the fact is the NFL is back. And we are all better off for that. I added the point spread to the predictions this week. Let me know what you think.

Oakland at Buffalo (-3): I am taking the “upset”. The Raiders are the better team on tape. Darren McFadden is still a monster and an automatic fantasy starter. If the Bills win by 10 or more, I will start believing…maybe. Raiders win 30-20.

Green Bay (-10) at Carolina: Cam Newton shocked the world. I loved to see that, but he is coming back down to earth this week. Aaron Rodgers will tear apart the Carolina defense. Cam Newton will have a game filled of rookie mistakes. But we won’t hold it against him. Watch out for GB WR Jordy Nelson. He could be this years Austin Collie. Packers win 38-14.

Kansas City at Detroit (-8): Well here are two teams I picked to make it to the playoffs. Too bad the Chiefs are already my biggest disappointment of the season. They won’t make it. The Lions will. If Stafford stays healthy, watch out NFC. These Lions are dangerous. I am riding this bandwagon. Lions win 30-14.

Cleveland (-2) at Indianapolis: Yes, the Colts suck. But they cannot lose every game. But I think they will lose this game. It will be close, but they will still lose. Let’s hope (for my fantasy sake) Peyton HIlls comes to play. It’s a close one, but Browns win 20-17.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota (-3): Take the upset here. Tampa is coming off of a rough loss. And Josh Freeman will show how good he is. AP will bounce back for Minnesota, but McNabb will lose the game. Start the QB controversy in Viking-land. Buccaneers win 27-17.

Chicago at New Orleans (-6.5): The game will be decided in the 4th quarter. Jay Cutler will make a late, Romoesque mistake, which will cost his team the game. Don’t look for a defensive battle here. Saints win 34-27.

Jacksonville at New York Jets (-9): This is a difficult spread to call. Being a Jags fan, I will say take spread, but the Jets will still win. The only way we have a chance is if MJD gets loose. But we all know about the Jets defense. I say (with a broken heart) Jets win 20-17.

Seattle at Pittsburgh (-14): This is by far the biggest spread of the week. And for good reason. The Steelers are playing mad. Seattle is playing, eh, bad. Roethlisberger, Mendenhall, and the Steelers D/St will have huge fantasy numbers. Steelers win 42-13.

Baltimore (-6) at Tennessee: The Jags defense owned Chris Johnson. Just think what the Ravens have in store for him. I don’t see this one being close. Oh and start Anquan Boldin in fantasy this week. Flacco will find him and tear up a weak Tennessee defense. Ravens win 35-7.

Arizona at Washington (-3.5): This is a hard one to call. But I am taking the upset. Washington has to prove to me that they are legit before I start picking them. With that being said, Was RB Tim Hightower will have a monster game against his old team. I still like the Cardinals offense better. Cardinals win 35-31.

Dallas (-3) at San Fransisco: My man Ted Ginn showed up big time for the 49ers last week. But they can’t rely on him every week. Romo needs to stop playing like Lebron and learn how to finish big time games in the 4th quarter (I still love you Lebron). Also, I want to see Dez Bryant break out. He is so close. Cowboys win 31-14.

Cincinnati at Denver (-3.5): This is not a very appealing game to me. These two offenses have potential, but they do not know exactly what direction they are headed in. Denver needs to win or the fans will really begin to turn on the organization. For that reason I say Broncos win 24-17.

Houston (-3) at Miami: I believe this game will come down to which defense can stop the opposing offense. And I am betting on Houston. Miami’s offense impressed me, but their defense was less than stellar. Plus Arian Foster will be running hard in his first game back. Texans win 38-28.

San Diego at New England (-6.5): This game promises a lot of excitement. Two elite quarterbacks going head to head. And possibly a preview of the AFC Championship. But I am taking the golden boy and the hooded coach in this one, especially at home. Don’t be afraid to start any offensive contributors in this game. Patriots win 41-37.

Philadelphia (-2.5) at Atlanta: If I had to bet, I would go against the odds and take Atlanta at home in the Georgia Dome. But my gut feeling says Michael Vick will have a career game. I hope he does. This will be a special scene for sure as Vick returns for the first time as a starter. I’ll say Vick goes for 315, 80, and 4 touchdowns. Eagles win a thriller 38-31.

Vick returns to Atlanta

St. Louis at New York Giants (-6): With arguably 5 better games on the schedule this week, how did this get MNF? Well regardless, the Giants will win. Steven Jackson is banged up (sound familiar?) and so is Sam Bradford. Eli will light up the Monday night stage. Giants win 35-13.

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Ohio State defeats Toledo 27-22

The attendance for Saturday’s game was 105,016. Apparently everyone decided to show up…except for the team. I understand that Toledo is much better than most people realize. But seriously, we only won that game 27-22? A win is a win, don’t get me wrong, but I watched some of the worst Ohio State football in quite some time. If Toledo did not have 14 penalties for 104 yards, we could be talking about the biggest upset of the year. Toledo had more total yards than we did (338-301) and their passing attack was much more impressive and efficient than ours. It just seemed like our heads were not in the game. Toledo was actually playing with Ohio State and our team did not know how to respond to that. They better get their act together because Miami (FL) is going to be a much tougher opponent than Toledo.


Offensively the Buckeyes were a mess. I think it is time to recognize that we officially have a quarterback controversy. If you have read my posts in the past about Ohio State, you will know how I feel about the situation. But let me reiterate: if Ohio State does not start Braxton Miller at quarterback, we will not have a very successful season. I watched Joe Bauserman go 16/30 for 139 yards and 1 touchdown against a Toledo defense that is currently ranked 66th in the country. He overthrew at least 4 wide-open receivers, with one that would have been a for sure touchdown.  He seemed to be making his reads late all day. There would be receivers open at the top of their routes, but he would either see them too late or decide to dump the ball off to his security blanket, TE Jake Stoneburner, instead. Midway through the 3rd quarter, some fans began chanting “We Want Miller” in hopes to see the highly talented freshman enter the game. But their chanting received no recognition, as Braxton did not enter the game at all. Oh, and here is another reason Miller should start. We currently have no running game! Boom Herron and Jordan Hall are both suspended and we are left trying to fill in random guys to get carries. Or, in Rod Smith’s case, we are filling in random guys to fumble the ball. He better pray hard if he wants to see the field again this year. Braxton is a quick and extremely mobile quarterback. Defenses would have to respect his speed and his arm, which makes him much more dangerous than the one-dimensional Bauserman. I know Fickell will not go with Braxton this soon, but if Bauserman plays against Miami like he did against Toledo, I hope Miller gets a chance to shine. Miller needs his time to shine.


As for our defense, they were the “dim” spot of the game. I will not use the word bright because there were no bright spots in this game. Unfortunately for our defense, the special teams left them in bad situations throughout the game (trust me, I will get to that garbage). But the defense still did not have an outstanding game by any means. They looked lost from Toledo’s first series. It almost looked as if they had not watched any film on their opponents before playing. Ohio State could not guard a screen pass to save their life. Once the offense uses the screen, the defense has to keep it in the back of their minds that they can pull it at any time. That is part of awareness on defense. There were multiple times where Toledo had receivers completely wide-open in the middle of the field. I guess there must have been some huge, monster hole in our zone because it happened repeatedly. We allowed pass completions of 66 and 44 yards. That is unacceptable. But, to the defenses credit, they did stop Toledo on 4th down to end the game. And they did force an interception.

Toeldo blocks a punt, leading to an early TD

Ohio State’s special teams is just awful. That is really all that needs to be said. Our kicker missed a field goal again. And it was not just a miss. He pounded the pigskin about 20 yards left of the goal posts. He has yet to make a field goal this season. We cannot cover punts or kickoffs and obviously we can protect our punter either. To give them some credit, Chris Fields did have a punt return for a touchdown just before half, which gave Ohio State some momentum. But the Buckeyes struggled with special teams at the beginning of last season (Miami game, anyone?) We cannot afford to have that be a weakness this year or our Big Ten schedule will eat us alive.

Let’s hope they can fix the mistakes from the game this week. But hey, we are still undefeated and that is what ultimately matters. The next game is 9/17 at 7:30 against the Miami Hurricanes. It will be a good test for us at the beginning of the season. Until next time, Go Bucks! O-H….

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